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About WOOW Photocinema

Started since mid 2007 and engaged in a professional production in early 2009 in Solo City, Central Java, Indonesia, WOOW Photocinema is a production house that offers the highest quality of digital motion pictures or video production services. But, since early 2011, supported by TWIST Album, we now offer one stop shopping for both Video, Photography, and Album Digital Printing productions.

Within 3 years of experiences, alongside the local, national, and international client, highly dedicated and outstanding creativity team specialized in photography and filmmaking, supported with latest technology of audio visual production, WOOW Photocinema will offer nothing but quality and satisfaction trough our products.

These days, the needs of audio and visual media productions are getting higher. Based on the term of conditions, WOOW Photocinema attached ourselves with the specifications that support any kind of those media productions locally, nationally, and internationally.

Positioned ourselves as your media partners, we’ll gladly accept any incoming ideas and information and trough it we’ll manage the production as efficient and as effective as possible. Of course, the objective are all about achieving the highest possibility of both our and client satisfactions which are it’s also the main purpose of our existences.